Honda Trail 90 Club

of Southern Utah

“Easy Trail Riders”


We are a group of Honda Trail 90 & Trail 110 enthusiasts who remember the good old days   when these versatile little trail bikes were common place and enjoyed by thousands.  Most of us learned to ride on these fun trail bikes.  Now that majority of us are retired, we have discovered a renewed interest in getting back into riding small trail bikes again!  And we’re having loads of fun as well as enjoying great camaraderie.

Pine Mountain Ride wirh Honda Trail 90

Pine Mountain Ride

We take low impact sightseeing trail rides around Southern Utah.  Most of our “fun” rides so far have only been about 30 miles (round trip) with multiple stops for sightseeing, snacks and great conversation. These fun rides are bringing back tons of great memories as well as making new ones!

Honeymoon Trail Ride on Honda Trail 90's

Honeymoon Trail Ride

There are thousands of great trails to ride and so much to see and do around Southern Utah. And nearly all of it is easily accessible with Honda Trail 90’s!

Also, one of our club members “Dangerous Dave” is a retired Honda motorcycle mechanic with decades of experience working on these bikes. He provides us with his vast knowledge and technical advice. We call him the “brains of the outfit”.

Saddle up, Ready to Ride on our Honda Trail 90's

Saddle up, ready to ride

Some of our members are also becoming collectors and restorers of these fine rides.  If you share a similar interest in the Honda Trail 90’s or 110’s and want to learn more about our little informal group or have one for sale or are looking to purchase one, please feel free to contact our event coordinator, Don, the “Wagonmaster” at

So many roads to ride on Honda Trail 90's

So many roads to ride

We are actively looking to increase the size of our group to make it easier to organize rides
and other activities. We are headquartered in the Dixie Springs development near Sand
Hollow Reservoir.

It’s all about having fun on Honda Trail 90’s. 

Exploring southern Utah

Exploring Southern Utah

Come on, let’s throttle up and hit the trails!

Everyone needs a spare Honda Trail 90

Two (or more) are better than one!